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The Chicago Bulls

The Bull's Dynasty

How did they do it? Contrary to popular belief, this is not a one word answer. Even the most talented basketball player of all time cannot win championships all by himself. What many people now overlook is that Jordan played in the NBA for seven seasons before winning his first title. Some even doubted he ever would. It wasn't until the right collection of players (along with the appropriate coach to guide them) was assembled in the Windy City that the dynasty began to take shape. Six trips to the NBA Finals, six championships.

The 1990s Chicago Bulls won six NBA Championships while they were being led by Michael Jordan. Many try to diminish this great accomplishment because they believe the 1990's era was weak and that the Bulls were stacked. They think Jordan had it easier. The Bulls were a great team and Jordan had a great supporting cast. No one can deny that: He didn’t win by himself. But how great were the Bulls? Did Jordan ever face true competition? Let’s see for ourselves.

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